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Katy twerking at the club in vegas, im so done

I wanna go clubbing with her so bad


Aries: gay
Taurus: gay
Gemini: gay
Cancer: gay
Leo: gay
Virgo: gay
Libra: gay
Scorpio: gay
Sagittarius: gay
Capricorn: gay
Aquarius: gay
Pisces: gay

Every show day, from the moment I wake up, it’s just prep for that night. It’s like I’m a Kobe-beef cow. I get acupuncture, massage, cupping, cranial sacral work, which connects the energy through your spine. I work out, I stretch. I never skip that. You never see me at Barneys before a show.
-  Katy Perry for Rolling Stone (August/2014)
[…] When I’m writing these anthemic songs, usually I’m in a really low place, and it’s almost like this little angel on my shoulder trying to push me forward and encourage me and be like, ‘You can do it. Find your voice, find your strength,’ blah, blah, blah. There’s a self-motivational person inside of me that crawls out via song, but usually I’m just writing those songs because I, too, need that inspiration and encouragement.
- Katy Perry for Rolling Stone (August/2014)


This is getting out of hand

So far, it looks like it’s gonna work. The whole dream. […] I’m on a level, but I’m trying to get to another level. I guess it would be a dependable level, you know? Where people are like, ‘I can trust that this person is putting out the kind of music that is interesting’. I just want to be around, you know? I want to have a career. And I’m always planning for the future. I started a record label, which kind of transitions me into being a boss and a CEO and having a company. You know, real adult shit. No more dipping the foot in the pond of pop. Cannonballing!
- Katy Perry for Rolling Stone (August/2014)